Spice Girls leak; Not a new single :(

‘GEM’ song heard by ‘The Sun’

It’s happening people, The Spice Girls are throwing a ‘Take That‘ and are recording new music! This news come straight from ‘The Sun HQ’ where Dan Wooton reports of actually hearing the song and he thinks it’s a smash hit!

Dan reports “I’ve been sent a leaked demo of their first track as a threesome, called Song For Her. While the girls are still perfecting the tune and crafting other new material, the early version already sounds incredible.” How exciting!

In the studio: Mel B, Emma and Geri

Dan goes on to mention how the song sounds like a classic Spice song, with a modern twist, taking influence from Rita Ora‘s ‘Poison‘ and Rachel Platten‘s ‘Fight Song‘. Sounds like a recipe for success to us!

Apparently one of the best lyrics of the early work includes “Wipe up your tears of doubt you have been crying, lift up your dreams feel like you’re flying, never forget the girl is the woman you are.” talking about how the girls have lost their personas amidst the ‘spice hype’. This sounds like a whole new generation of Girl Power and I can’t wait to hear the finished results!

UPDATE: Emma Bunton herself has confirmed that the track isn’t going to be released as a single! BOOOO. Emma declared on her Heart FM radio show “You know, us girls love creating stuff. We went and had a laugh in the studio. It’s not a single, it’s just we were creating.” She continued… “Listen the thing is – this is not a single, it’s just that we’re creating, having fun in the studio. It’s just a demo and somehow it has got out there.” That’s a shame, but at least it confirms it… THEY ARE CREATING MUSIC!

Unfortunately Eliot Kennedy (One of the old Spice producers) had his laptop stolen a few weeks ago containing some more demos… could more leaks be on the way? who knows! If you are behind and haven’t yet seen the ‘GEM’ video where they confirm a comeback, check it out below:


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