Perfect Illusion a let down?

Gaga is back!

Little Monsters… she’s back! Lady Gaga has returned with a banger of a pop track entitled ‘Perfect Illusion’ and it looks as though she is on a mission to regain her pop crown!
‘Perfect Illusion’ is a fast paced, highly energized electro pop anthem and is sure to get a casual listener excited – but after looking through social media, it would seem some fans are quite disappointed with the track.

Fans have been waiting since 2013 for a new Gaga track which didn’t have a jazz influence or pander to a different target audience, when Gaga released her most ‘artistic’ and unique album yet ‘Artpop(See review here)  which had been branded as “Before its time“. So the eagerly awaited ‘Perfect Illusion’ has fallen flat with a few listeners, with comments such as:

This doesn’t bode well…

but let’s not forget that with every bad comment, there are 1,000 good ones; and it’s safe to say the track is going down a storm in the U.S reaching #1 in iTunes already, blowing Sia’s new track out of the water!

So what are your thoughts? Are you sold by the track or are you left disappointed? Let us know, we love to read your opinions!
If you haven’t heard the track yet, here’s the audio from YouTube:


and with every new song comes a lot of new promo, and we loved to see Gaga singing the Spice Girls’ classic ‘2 Become 1‘ with our favorite Spice – Emma Bunton;


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