Hiddle-Swift a ‘Showmance’

Is this relationship just a PR stunt?

Well, it’s all been a bit crazy in the Taylor Swift camp recently hasn’t it? It would seem that the whirlwind romance between her and Calvin Harris came to an abrupt ending and she moved on to the next one, in the form of ‘Loki’ star Tom Hiddleston in just 2 weeks.

Never getting back together… like ever – With Calvin Harris

It’s old news that the ‘22‘ singer is romantically inclined with Tom and have been spotted in clubs and at a beach in Rhode Island. However… Is this all a clever ruse?

Looks like Taylor isn't shedding any tears or any "Bad Blood" over recent break up with Calvin Harris.

Gentleman: Giving his jacket to Swift

The photos (Source: The Sun) were taken on Misquamicut beach by her lavish mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Reports say that they were as bold as brass and didn’t seem phased by tourists or pedestrians passing through the location.  

Taylor is getting a reputation for becoming a man eater as of late, known for her high profiled relationships -ranging from Harry Styles, to Ed Sheeran. Is this just a ruse to be with the next most popular star? Seeing as there are rumours of Hiddleston becoming the next James Bond

Now, new pictures have come to light showing Hiddleston in a vest with the slogan “I (Heart) T.S” which isn’t ringing true with a few fans, leading them to think the ‘relationship’ is part of a new music video yet to be released from the star.

Frolicking: Set of a music video?

The idea of this vest makes the whole thing appear as a PR stunt, and with mobile phones being present, who’s to say a music video hasn’t already been shot?
More reinforcement comes from Taylor’s discography – for the past few years she has been releasing studio albums every 2 years, and seeing as her last was in 2014, it’s safe to say one is just around the corner… and what better way to gain publicity with the music? She already has the whole world talking about it. – I’d say she’s done a pretty good job.

Also, considering she is very active on social media and she hasn’t uploaded any photos of the pair together, then I’d say a ‘showmance’ is looking more and more likely!

What do you think of the pairing? Whatever the case, we can’t wait to hear what song comes from this relationship with the ‘Crimson Peak‘ star!

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