Ed Sheeran to be sued for $20m

Chaos in Ed’s camp as he is being sued for $20m

Uh-oh, looks like Ed Sheeran is in a spot of bother. Turns out the singer-songwriter is being sued by a team of song writers who have found ‘striking similarities’ from Ed’s “Photograph” to their song for X-Factor winner Matt Cardle, “Amazing“.

Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, the writers behind the 2011 track by Cardle claim that “Photograph” features several (39 to be exact!) identical chords in the chorus.

Here’s a side by side comparison if you wish to hear for yourselves:
(The key has been matched in the video to make it easier to hear)

How awkward…

Just to add salt to the wound, Ed’s track has sold 3.5 million worldwide, a substantial amount more than Cardle’s song.

However, Matt was quick to take to Twitter to praise Ed and his musical stylings by saying,  “Please read news articles closely. This is not my lawsuit” he went on to say “I think @edsheeran is a genius & 100% deserves all his success.”
No hard feelings then?

I mean, it’s no surprise that this similarity went unnoticed when “Photograph” was released as “Amazing” didn’t manage to crack the top 75. It does however have 1m+ views on YouTube.

So how do you feel on this topic? Innocent mistake, subconscious decision or coincidence? Let us know!

Mirror image: Chords on ‘Amazing‘ and ‘Photograph

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