Britney’s Back Bitch

Yet Another comeback for Britney!

This is becoming some sort of a holiday isn’t it? and no, we’re not talking about VMAs or Christmas; of course queen of pop, Britney Spears has managed slot back into her place in the charts and it’s as though she had never left!

Now, Britney had been away from the pop/chart scene for a while whilst she was recording her album and continuing to amaze spectators at her Vegas residency, but recently Britney dipped her toe into a comeback and teased fans with what was to come with a performance of a mega-mix of all of her hits at the Billboard Music awards. If you have been living under a rock and missed the showcase, here’s the video:


This changed everything for Britney fans, as well as majorly slaying them – they began to get excited for the return of the “Legendary Miss Britney Spears“. 

If this wasn’t enough, Brit then released her more mellow come back single ‘Make Me‘ going head to head with another unstoppable force in pop, Katy Perry and her empowerment track ‘Rise‘ *Read our take on the battle here*. Although ‘Make Me‘ came up short to ‘Rise‘ in the charts, which didn’t bode well for the fans, reaching #17 in the US and #42 in the UK… However, Britney’s comeback wasn’t over with.

Coinciding with the release of her new album ‘Glory‘ it was reported that Britney would appear on the mammothly popular ‘Carpool Karaoke‘ with James Corden and of course, it went down a storm, showing off Britney‘s bubbly personality and giving her music some promotion at the same time:


Since her appearance on the segment, ‘Make Me‘ has climbed to #3 on US iTunes and ‘Glory‘ is sitting pretty at #2 on the UK iTunes chart! Fingers crossed that everything comes up smelling of roses for Britney, ‘Private Show‘ and ‘Make Me‘ are great tunes; and if she can redeem herself after that 2007 performance, she has nothing to worry about – maybe her team could help Lindsey Lohan with a comeback?


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