“Beyoncé very self-indulgent”

Dan Wooton blasts the megastar

Hold the presses! *Quite literally* Dan Wootton has taken a swipe at songstress Beyoncé Knowles! Dan (Showbiz columnist for ‘The Sun‘) attended her hugely popular ‘The Formation World Tour‘ on Saturday 2nd July at Wembley stadium in London and took to Twitter to show his distaste…

He started his tirade with “Beyoncé very self-indulgent. Epic performer but hardly any hits. No encore. No chat. No Single Ladies.Disappointing but she’s making a point”

Ouch! What point is that? Dan went on to elaborate on his point after Beyoncé fans alike questioned (and threw abuse at) him saying “I’m cool. I’m angry. Men are shit”

Granted, Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love‘ days are over and indeed her more recent music is darker and mysterious but we all love a good mystery don’t we? 
However, as for not talking to the fans – we find that a bit odd; you get such a buzz when your fave chats to the crowd, but is this to coincide with her image?

Promo: Bey in the poster for her new tour

What do you think to Dan’s comments? Do you think Beyoncé has lost her way, or do you think she is growing as an artist? let us know below!

In the mean time, let’s look at some responses from the fans…

Never mess with Bey’s fans. Dan did go on to mention the array of famous faces at the concert.

Just goes to show, no matter who or what you are – You can fan girl over Beyonce all you like!


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