Eurovision: You Decide UK 2017

Eurovision: You Decide!

Love it or loathe it… Eurovision is back! Which beckons the question – will the UK get more than 4 points this year?

That’s right, the new year means a new competition is just around the corner, and this year ‘You decide’ is back where the British public will be able to choose from 6 proposed artists and songs to represent us in the 62nd competition coming to us in May from Ukraine, following their victory last year in Stockholm.

This year there will be some controversy surrounding the UK based on ‘Brexit’ and Teresa May. However, will this actually affect our stance from other countries? Probably not, as we all know – Eurovision basically shows countries supporting their neighbours and appeasing their biggest threats. Nevertheless, we can’t resist becoming all patriotic and clinging onto the hope that we may actually get a few points in the campest singing competition in the world.

In this blog we will be looking at the potential tracks that may fly the flag for the UK in May; so without further adieu… let’s go!


Act: Nate Simpson
Song: What Are We Made Of?

Nothing like a ballad to kick us off… the song provides a dramatic start and is reminiscent of an X Factor winner’s song crossed with Take That’s Rule The World. The chorus does in fact give a typical Eurovision feel. The lyrics are very empowering and represent finding inner strength; hopefully this is a song that will connect with viewers. The track is ‘nice’ but it doesn’t really grasp the listener, and just as soon as you start to get a real feel for the track, it finishes. I feel it’s too bland, safe and old fashioned for the ever changing and current state of Eurovision… Good vocals though. 6/10


Act: Olivia Garcia
Song: Freedom Hearts

As soon as this track starts, you can sense a much more modern approach, by the vocals and production. The military style drums backed with strong vocals really enhance the direction of the song, providing a great build to the chorus. The track is a mid-tempo ‘banger’ musically, but lyrically – it’s cheesier than a block of Cathedral City. It’s actually quite similar to a previous entry ‘Mollie – Children of the Universe’ and that bombed, so I don’t hold out much hope for this track unfortunately, utterly forgettable. 5/10


Act: Holly Brewer
Song: I Wish I Loved You More

Dark, dingy and gripping from the get go. The first verse actually leaves me anxious for how the rest of the song sounds as it could quite literally go anywhere. I can imagine a very vivid music video of a scorned lover. The whole track actually sounds like a Demi Lovato cast off, it would suit her perfectly and in places actually sounds like her. Unfortunately by the second verse, I was hoping for a change in direction, but the middle 8 draws the listener back in. Upon reflection, this encapsulates the ‘X Factor winner’ themed track and ‘mid tempo banger’ that the previous tracks provided and adds a bit more emotion and grit. 7/10


Act: Lucie Jones
Song: Never Give Up On You

X Factor finalist number one, Lucie Jones. Her voice is mesmerizing and quite similar to a Disney princess. The introduction is emotion stirring and you can’t help but believe every word she is singing. The song is very simple, just subtle piano and violin guiding the track from start to finish. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go anywhere until the big vocal moment comes in, around the 2:20 mark. It’s far too understated and dark for Eurovision but would slot into a Disney movie pretty well. 6/10


Act: Danyl Johnson
Song: Light Up The World

X Factor finalist number 2. Danyl has attacked this opportunity in a completely different way to the others, the song kicks off with a bang and provides a mega hook complimented by a typical Eurovision dance beat. The music is very ‘Calvin Harris at an exotic festival’ and leaves the listener want to dance along. I can see Danyl smashing this vocally and getting the audience on their feet. Lyrically the song is also very sweet. 8/10


Act: Salena Mastroianni
Song: I Don’t Wanna Fight

Zara Larsson… is that you? This track has a very urban/dance beat behind it which wouldn’t go out of place in the top ten today. The song is very contagious and you can just imagine Salena putting on a show with this track. Unfortunately I’m not convinced it’s Eurovision worthy, it just sounds more like a generic dance track with a killer vocalist. However, it’s a banger and would go down a storm in the clubs – packed from start to end. 8/10 



Overall Thoughts

Overall, it’s clear to see that there is no competition – Danyl and Salena definitely have the edge here. The other four just don’t compare. Personally, I feel we need to bring a party vibe to Eurovision and a song that can provide a memorable performance and I can’t see the likes of Lucie or Nate achieving that by any means. 
It’s tough to pick between the 2, but if it were a life or death situation I’d have to go with Danyl – the track just seems to have a bigger appeal and could really draw in an audience… but with that being said, Salena’s track is the only one I can remember! I’m stumped. What do you think? 


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