Britney ‘Make Me’ vs Katy ‘Rise’

New music alert!

At last, 2 of the biggest names in music have premiered their new tracks online, Britney’s Make Me (ft. G-Eazy) and Katy Perry’s Rise. 

Both tracks are the lead singles from the pop princesses’ respective new eras, Katy’s 4th studio album and Britney’s 9th ‘Glory’ (click here to see our review)– but who has the edge? For the audio and our single reviews, keep scrolling!

Britney Spears – Make Me (Ft. G-Eazy)

When the track kicks in, the song sounds as though Britney is going in a very different direction to what we have become accustomed, yet she still manages to keep an aspect of the ‘Britney sound’ we have grown to love. The introduction supplies high pitched sounds to what you’d expect from Justin Bieber on his Purpose‘ album. Britney then joins us with some very sweet and untampered vocals which sounds as though they have just come from 2004, old school Britney is making an appearance here and it is welcomed with open arms. It’s nice to hear Britney in a vulnerable light on a mid-tempo lead single as opposed to her previous offerings (Work Bitch being a prime example). With that being said, this doesn’t mean the track is dull at all, the bridge comes in with the perfect build, both musically and vocally and the beat drops to a sultry and ambiguous “ooh ooh” which is a great hook and pleasing to the ear. The featured rap is nice and gives the song a real modern feeling, but I can’t say it adds a great deal to the song – I’d prefer a break down from Miss Spears herself but it serves it’s purpose. The song is a grower and I imagine a sexy video will really enhance the track. 

Sounds Like: Cheryl’sOnly Human‘ crossed with Justin Bieber’sSorry‘ and the Saturday’s ‘Missing You’



Katy Perry – Rise 

Roar part 2 is on the horizon people. ‘Rise‘ is another example of what Katy Perry does best, which is a sleuthing empowerment track which slowly takes a hold of the listener and has the potential to cling on to the radio circuit for months to come. The track contains different vocal arrangements to keep the listener enticed, the faster paced bridge flows perfectly into the slower chorus, which is complimented by a darker background instrumental. The track sounds fun to sing along to, but I can’t help but feel the song is rehashing a sound that Katy has already exhausted and by the end the choruses become drab. Vocally Katy sounds very strong here, with great adlibs and belty choruses – this will become an anthem for people everywhere.

Sounds like: Katy Perry‘s ‘Roar’ crossed with ‘Dark Horse’


Sorry Katy, but Britney just takes the crown on this one!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below

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