Debut Album Review: Spice vs Spice!

Debut Album Review: Spice Debut vs Spice Debut

Time for the battle of the Spices. As we all know, The Spice Girls were a 90’s global phenomenon, forming in 1994 with material surfacing and exploding the charts in 37 countries in 1996. Now 20 years on, the ‘Wannabe’ hit makers have sold over 55 million albums and are marking their 20th anniversary with a TV show and a few surprises (We can’t wait!). So we thought, what better time than to do a ‘Spice vs Spice’ to see whom has the greatest debut album? After all, the Spice Girls are the only girl band where all members have gone off to release solo albums and have moderate success.

RULES: On this page you will find a brief background on all the girls and an introduction to their debut albums – you will then find a link to each album review, these will feature a track -by-track review with a score (Out of 10 for each track) with an overall score and percentage of the album (if it’s 12 tracks, it will be out of 120).
At the bottom of this page, there will be a link to the final results page (if you don’t wish to read individual reviews, you can just see the results!)

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In order of release:
Geri Halliwell ‘Schizophonic’ 1999  Click here to read the track-by-track review

Forget Zayn, the nation was bereft in 1998 when Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls. There were tons of rumors flying around at the time, but in the 2007 documentary ‘Giving You EverythingGeri confirmed that she left the band because she wasn’t allowed to attend an interview regarding cancer on her own, which is a topic she felt very attached to. From the moment Geri went solo, she didn’t fail to deliver the goods… and controversy. Geri more or less left the girls high and dry before their world tour, sparking Mel C to tell a white lie in an interview… Let’s have a look at that awkward moment:

Then if that wasn’t enough, in the video for her debut single ‘Look At MeGeri embodies 4 different characters; sister, vamp, bitch and virgin and even attends a funeral for none other than Ginger Spice! Talk about the stuff nightmares are made of… could these other characters have been subliminally talking about the other girls? From Geri’s debut album she managed to score 3 #1 singes ‘Lift Me Up‘, ‘Mi Chico Latino‘ and ‘Bag It Up‘ and later scored another with the cover ‘It’s Raining Men‘ and to this day holds the record for the most number ones held by a Spice Girl and being the first British female artist to have attained 4 number 1’s in the UK charts.


Mel C ‘Northern Star’ 1999   Click here to read the track-by-track review

Mel C really hit the ground running with her debut. ‘Northern Star‘ to this day is the highest grossing solo Spice Girls album, reaching almost 4 million copies worldwide. The album’s sound is very diverse including rock elements and punky sounds, which is a massive leap from the band’s music, it was even reissued in 2000 including 2 mixes of the singled ‘I Turn To You‘ and ‘Never Be The Same Again‘. Up until 2007 Mel C had always been quite negative when talking about possible reunions and always seemed to be the spanner in the works when reuniting, but this wasn’t unjustified. In the hey day, Mel suffered from bulimia and struggled with the pressures of the media to be skinny, so revisiting a time when she was struggling must have been a daunting subject. To this day Mel is the only Spice Girl actively making and releasing solo music and it can be argued that her music is far more credible than the other members of the group. It’s no secret that she takes it far more seriously and pours her heart into most of her tracks. With that signature adlib and belty sound Mel acquires, I wonder what her solo offerings will show?


Mel B ‘Hot’ 2000      Click here to read the track-by-track review

Well well well, Mel B certainly was a busy bee when ‘Hot‘ was released. For some odd reason, it was made available just a couple of weeks before the Spice Girls released their final album ‘Forever‘… What on Earth was she thinking? It was down to this poor move that the album actually under performed and peaked at #28 in the UK charts (It did reach silver status though!). Unfortunately it would seem that the buying public were more interested in the Spice Girls‘ album – and I can see why, because it had been a couple of years since ‘Spice World‘ was released and Geri left, the public were deprived of Spice! The album contained 3 top 5 singles ‘I Want You Back (Ft. Missy Elliott)’, ‘Feels So Good‘ and ‘Tell Me‘ and sees Mel going down an experimental R&B route, but unfortunately Mel received mainly negative reviews for her debut. 


Emma Bunton ‘A Girl Like Me’ 2001               Click here to read the track-by-track review

Emma‘s debut album received moderate success in the UK, charting at #4 and later reaching gold status. The album shows Emma slightly dipping a toe into different genres and compiling them into her debut, which is a good way to go if you’re finding your feet as a soloist! Out of all of the girls, you’d expect Emma‘s to resemble the ‘Spice Girls sound’ the most, especially considering that it is her voice that is the most heavily featured in their back catalogue. However, her vulnerability comes to the forefront with her very sweet vocals, and critics at the time saw this as a negative saying that they felt she “Lacked balls” I can hardly imagine Emma growling like XTina can you? To this day Emma holds the record for the most recent Spice Girl to gave a track reach the top 10 or top 5 – this was attained in 2006 with her cover of ‘Downtown‘ for Children in Need. This coincided with her time on ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ (Where she came third) and it reached #3 in the UK charts.


Victoria Beckham ‘VB’ 2001           Click here to read the track-by-track review

VB‘ was the first and last album from iconic fashion designer Victoria Beckham. The album did quite well, reaching #10 in the UK charts and spawning 2 singles ‘Not Such an Innocent Girl‘ and ‘A Mind of its Own’. The album saw Victoria work with Dane Bowers on the track ‘Girlfriend‘ but the UK Garage track ‘Out of Your Mind’ (Also with Bowers) didn’t feature on the album. From this, Beckham went on to sign a £1.5 million record contract with 19 management to create another album which was very much more R&B influenced. From this the release of ‘Let Your Head Go’ was released and was quite a comical video, showing Beckham in a different light. However, plans for the album were scrapped after Victoria was disappointed with what the final results were. These tracks were kept under wraps until 10+ years later when they suddenly leaked on the internet.

It was very easy to see why this album was scrapped. It was from this moment that Viccy B went on to venture into fashion and has finally found her feet in the industry creating different clothes designs. 


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