1D Niall explodes at ‘fan’

Looks like the ‘luck of the Irish’ isn’t working

The One Direction star doesn’t mince his words when taking a swipe at a fan on Twitter.
On Monday, Niall tweeted the following; “I think this sh– is unreal,” (Next to a photo a fan took of him sleeping) “I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you, what can u do.”

How awkward… If you’re wondering how this all came about – allegedly, a fan sat next to the Irish star on a 9 hour flight from London and they had nothing but nice things to say about him, their tweet included  “I sat directly next to Niall from One Direction for 9 hours on my flight home from London last night,” the fan wrote. “He was sick and asked for no selfies, but here is a pic I snapped when he was sleeping lol he was so friendly!”

How awkward… The fan’s intentions were not malicious but their social skills are to be desired, here is the picture that caused so much controversy:

Overall, we feel it’s fair for Niall to express his distaste of the event, and use this example as a deterrent for others who are snap-happy; but you can see the fan was just a bit excited and had no bad intentions… Then again, Niall brought the picture that he didn’t want promoting to the foreground by tweeting it I’m not quite sure who’s camp we’re in?

Let’s not forget the time Harry took a photo of Niall on a plane a few years ago:

What do you think? As always – let us know in the comments below!


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